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A platform to provides a wide stage to influencers/Bloggers, who are working to bring the ample change among the diversified social standards and tradition.

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Pakistan Movement provides a wide stage to influencers/Bloggers of Pakistan, who are working to bring the ample change among the diversified social standards and tradition.
On the other hand, they are the ones who know how to depict the positive picture out of the transitions.

Ambassadors of Pakistan Movement

Farina Afzal

Lifestyle Blogs
An undergraduate student at Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore. Growing her blog and promoting Pakistan’s positive image through all social and physical platforms.
Ambassadors of Pakistan Movement

Nimra Anjum

Personal Blogs
An ordinary girl whose mission is to spread the wave of positivity and hope around the globe. Student of biomedical engineering. Running personal blog on Instagram.
Ambassadors of Pakistan Movement

Ayesha Pirzada

Personal Blogs
A Linguist & an Armybrat, who used the mode of writing as a form of catharsis. You'll find bits & pieces of my writings depicting my life and experiences.
Ambassadors of Pakistan

Omama Anwar Abbasi

Motivational Blogs
A student of BS-IT willing to motivate People of Pakistan with her words & inspirational thoughts.
Ambassador of Pakistan

Syeda Munazzah Ali

Writer & Personal Blogs
A clinical psychologist, a writer and an artist. I'm a patriot who can do everything possible for the betterment of my country.
Pakistani People

Dr. Afifa Binte Irfan

Dentist, Public health professional
A doctor with a passion of community service. I dream of taking basic health amenities straight to the ones who need them.


Ambassadors of Pakistan Movement

Haris Gul Khattak

Business & Management
A patriot from KPK Nowshera currently studying Business & Management access course to high education in UK.

Muhammad Anas

International Relations
I am the student of IR at National Defense University, Islamabad. Interested in Pakistan’s history and the life of Jinnah.

Muhammad Ali Raza

Computer Sciences
A Passionate Vlogger on a journey to showcase beauty of Pakistan on each possible step through lenses with a creative style.
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