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Pakistan movement is on the visual journey of endorsing different cultures, social impacts and developments of Pakistan, embarking over the history and tribal values, being practiced in the different regions.


Stories of Pakistan

Untold stories in their own words.

Words of Pakistan

Write your blogs, and share with us. We will feature them to the Pakistan.

Broadcast Pakistan

Showcase the real Pakistan and its glimpse.

Who can join us?

Pakistan Movement provides a wide stage to article the enthusiastic bloggers of Pakistan, who are working to bring the ample change among the diversified social standards and tradition.
On the other hand, they are the ones who know how to depict the positive picture out of the transitions.

This new trend in Pakistan has called the most talented people to come out of their bubble and showcase all the beautiful aspects with massive dedication and much solemn.
Here is to presenting the most brilliant of them on this platform of Pakistan Movement.

It takes lot of creativity out of a person to write. From the advertising material to some promotional agencies, these most artistic crafters deliver words to visualize elements.
Pakistan Movement is handing out the bunch of some amazing copywriters of Pakistan who are contributing their intellectual capabilities in different industries of Pakistan.

Pakistan movement platforms the best content creators, some highly responsible people to represent the information to the general or specific audience in most well turned-out way for the business.
Either it is info graphics or some video graphics, they are best at creating the valuable content for your business, converting the raw ideas into constructive ones.

Here is another category of the talented bunch with cameras in their hands to capture the beauty, in face of places, people, landscapes and what not? From portrait photographers to too some scientific and commercial, the list goes adding up these mind blowing artists in terms of their work and creation.

In this era of most technically developed electric media and production, Pakistan has some incredible videographers who are widely working for films, televisions and even on internet.
Pakistan movement encourages these talented videographers to feature their detail-oriented and creative skillsets.

Featured Artists

With the mission of emphasizing the positive part of the country, Pakistan Movement provides with a platform to encourage and feature the immense talent of Pakistan who is working meticulously from the diversified set of skills, including bloggers, content creators and videographers.

Hifza Asif

Art is basic , passion is just to serve humanity and my skills plays a vital role into this! Islamic Calligraphy is the bestest version of my art!

Talal Mir

I always try to show positive sign of our country and now a days planing to discover some great things about our northern side to unleash the beauty of this area.

Urooj Uzair

To me art is about dwelling into creativity by using the skills of composing imagination in a precise, concise and compelling manner on canvas.
Wanted to be the next one to be a part of us!



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